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36 Years Experienced Local Timber and Damp Specialists

Based in Margate, Kent, we provide solutions to every Timber and Damp problem.

Damp-proofing on a property featured in the popular BBC TV programme!
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What happened when Channel 4's well-known Location, Location, Location programme called?
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Peace of Mind and Security

We are fully insured members of the PCA. All work carries a 10 Year Guarantee. Read more..

We're PCA Registered

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Timber and Damp Treatment experts for the South East

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Are you shopping around for quotes for
Timber Treatments or Damp Proofing?

There are a lot of Timber Treatment and Damp Proofing companies out there - some very professional and good value. Others, well, maybe less so. But they'll all give you a price for your job.

You'll probably get a wide range of prices and you may be very attracted to some of the lower prices, but..

..ask them: Does their price include..

Removing electrical sockets and re-fitting afterwards?

Removing and refitting radiators

Removing and re-fitting skirting boards?

With most Timber and Damp companies,
the answer is probably "no".

You will find that, if you ask most other damp-proofing companies, their prices for timber treatment or damp proofing will not include work such as removing skirting boards, radiators and electrical sockets - all of which MUST be done before any treatment of the underlying problem can be done. Other timber and damp-proofers will expect you to have had this done (and pay for it) before they even set foot on your property... and then for you to pay AGAIN to have it all put back, when they have finished!

With Thanet Timber and Damp Ltd, it's all included.

Because our staff have many years of electrical, carpentry and plumbing qualifications and experience - we do all this for you - and it's all included in our estimated price.

We're proud of our "All Inclusive" approach - and it saves you a lot of money, too!

Call us now to find out more or to book a professional Survey

Our full range of Services

With 36 years in the business, we have a range of trades and skills. In fact, everything you need to get your timber and damp problems sorted out.

Rising Damp

We install new chemical Damp Proof Courses.

Older properties may not have been built with a damp proof course or the existing damp proof course may have broken down over time, or have become "bridged"...

Read more on this...

Condensation Treatment

Condensation often arises from the contact of warm, humid air with cold surfaces, such as walls and window frames.

Un-treated condensation can lead to mould which can be detrimental to health. In suitable conditions, mould can grow very quickly.

Read more on this...

Basement Tanking

Basement flats which are fully or partly below ground level often suffer from Damp.

With a great deal of experience in this area, we can carry out the Damp Proofing required to bring any below-ground structure up to standard - and it MAY not cost as much as you think!

Read more on this...

Wet Rot Treatment

Wet Rot can occur where there is a moisture content of more than 20%, caused by something like a sub-floor pipe leak. It can also occur where floor joist ends or wall plates are in contact with damp walls.

Read more on this...

Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot is a form of wood-destroying fungus - Serpula Lacrymans which appears on the surface of infected timber which as a white, cotton-wool like growth.

Dry Rot can appear where timber has a moisture content of more than 20%.

Read more on this...

Woodworm Treatment

The term "woodworm" is commonly used to describe a number of wood-boring insect larvae.

The parent insects lay their eggs in timber and the larvae which develop bore their way through the timber.

Read more on this...

Cavity Wall Ties

Remedial mechanical wall ties are supplied and fitted to rectify situations where existing masonry ties have corroded.

We cover domestic dwellings and small commercial buildings up to 3 storeys, not greater than 15 meters in height.

Read more on this...

Lateral Wall Restraints

We supply and fit 3-finned helical stainless steel reinforcement rods for reinforcing bed/joints, enhancing lateral loading resistance in existing buildings or where here lintel failure has occured.

Read more on this...

Crack Stitching

We use a reinforcing stainless steel rod system to stitch wall cracks, regaining the strength of the wall structure.

Read more on this...

Lintel Repair

Lintel repair is achieved with the fitting of Helicoidal Bars (Stainless steel re-inforcement rods) to re-stabilise masonry above failed lintels.

This is effective in cavity and solid walls.

Read more on this...

Plastering and Rendering

As well as treating Timber and Damp problems, we provide other building services such as Plastering and Rendering, including both External Damp-proof Wall rendering and Interior Ceilings and Walls.

Read more on this...


We provide every type of Carpentry repair required - from single joist replacement to a complete floor reconstruction.

Read more on this...

Whatever you need, call us TODAY to discuss your project

We're friendly and helpful to talk to, so call us NOW on 01843 280812, or

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Find out more about us

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9 Good Reasons to choose Thanet Timber and Damp for
Residential and Commercial Timber and Damp Treatments

1) Urgent and Emergency Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment

Mortgage Retention or Imminent Completion Date?

Due to our quick turn-around and excellent reputation, we are often approached by customers who need work completed quickly, to satisfy a Mortgage Lender who is insisting on damp proofing or timber treatment. So...Need Timber or Damp Treatment URGENTLY?...

...Contact Thanet Timber & Damp!

With 36 years experience treating properties in Kent and the South East, we are very familiar with the properties in this area - and the problems they come with, so we can be ready to start work at very short notice!

Andy, our surveyor is usually out on site and the best way to contact him directly is by email, which he always answers quickly. Click here to email Andy!

..or click here to use our Contact Us form

2) Qualified Survey Reports covering all Timber and Damp problems

We offer comprehensive Timber & Damp Survey Reports by our CSRT-qualified Surveyor and we pride ourselves on being very thorough.

At ONLY 80 (INCLUDING VAT!) our detailed timber and damp survey reports are probably the CHEAPEST Timber & Damp Survey Reports in Thanet!

Click here to enquire or to book a Survey.

Timber & Damp Survey Reports [more..]

3) We're a Which? Approved TRUSTED TRADER!

We all know Which? - they've been around a long time!

The Which? Trusted Trader scheme, like all Which? services, is based on a thoroughly tried and tested appraisal of the product or service - in this case, Thanet Timber and Damp!

Which? analysed every aspect of our business and based on our incomparable level of Damp Proofing, Wet Rot, Dry Rot and Woodworm services to local residents and businesses, they've given us their "Stamp of Approval".

Click here to see our listing on the Which? web site

4) ALL INCLUSIVE Price! Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry...

This is really important when you compare quotes from other timber and damp companies!

Most damp proofing and timber work requires removal of wall sockets, skirting boards and other fixtures. Why PAY for another electrican, a carpenter or plumber - when we can do everything for you?

Ask the others whether they will:

Remove skirting boards?

Remove and replace electricity sockets?

Remove and replace radiators?

SAVE s! We do the lot!

Full details here

5) We are a PCA Registered Company.. with 36 years Experience

Your mortgage lender will require that you obtain a pre-purchase Timber and Damp Survey Report from a PCA-Registered company. We have been registered with the PCA for many years and all our work and survey reports are produced to their rigorous standards.

Check our PCA listing here

More about us..

6) CSRT Qualified Surveyor

Andy Dive, Director, is a CSRT Qualified Surveyor, so he really does know his stuff! Whether it's timber-boring beetles (woodworm), rising damp, wet rot, dry rot - he'll find it - and tell you how to fix it! With 36 years experience in the industry, Andy is probably the best-qualified person in the Thanet area to advise on your timber and damp problems!

More about Us

7) We provide the full range of Timber and Damp Proofing services

We don't just do timber treaments and damp-proofing! Because remedial work to address timber and damp problems will often involve re-plastering, replacing floors and a range of other related services, we provide all of the following:

Rising Damp Treatment, Condensation, Basement Tanking, Wet Rot Treatment, Dry Rot Treatment, Woodworm Treatment, Cavity Wall Ties, Lateral Restraints, Crack Stitching, Lintel Repair, Plastering and Rendering, Carpentry

Take a look at these Damp Proofing and Renovation projects

8)Timber Treatment and Damp Proofing in Thanet
and South East Kent

We are an established business based in Cliftonville, on the outskirts of Margate, Kent, so most of our work is done in Thanet and South East Kent, including:

Birchington, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Cliftonville, Dover, Folkestone, Herne Bay, Margate, Ramsgate, Westgate, Whitstable,

Don't see your area listed?

Call us now on 01843 280812 to see if we work in your area, or use the Contact form below:

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9) Pay Safely and Securely - All Major Debit/Credit Cards Accepted

We like to make life easy for our customers so we provide a number of easy payment options, including mobile payments using our WorldPay Zinc card reader:

All Major Debit or Credit Cards

Approved WorldPay Merchant

Online - Securely with PayPal

More about payment options

Do you want to arrange a Survey or discuss what's involved?..

We hope this site answers all your immediate questions and tells you a bit about our business but, if you have any others, or you want to arrange a Survey now, please give us a call or use the Contact form below.

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Registered Office: 427 Margate Road . Ramsgate . Kent . CT12 6SN

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